Cordyceps increases Energy Level June 10 2014

Relief of fatigue is a well known effect of Cordyceps. We all require a continual supply of energy in order to function. When it comes to energy, we think about consuming fats, proteins and starches to gain energy, but what it all comes down to at the cellular level is ATP (the molecule that actually release energy in the cell). Recent research has shown that Cordyceps increases the cellular ATP level and oxygen utilisation, which leads to a real increase in actual energy that is available for use.

In addition, Cordyceps increases oxygen availability, which means easier breathing. Not surprisingly, many high-altitude climbers use Cordyceps regularly to increase oxygen capacity and get an energy boost.

Clinical studies conducted in elderly patients with fatigue have shown significant improvement in level of fatigue, ability to tolerate cold temperatures, memory and cognitive capacity, and sex drive.  After taking Cordyceps for 30 days:

•    92% of individuals showed reduction of chronic fatigue;

•    89% showed reduction in feeling cold;

•    83% showed reduction in dizziness.

Another study with healthy elderly volunteers (average age 65) that administered Cordyceps for a 6-week period while exercising on stationary bicycles showed that a group had significant increases in energy and oxygen capacity.

Ancient Chinese manuscripts reported the superiority of Cordyceps to ginseng’s tonic effect. Many of the effects of Cordyceps are due to adenosine. This ingredient has been known as a regulator of vascular tone and smooth muscle and growth of nerve cells.

Who has not experienced the unpleasant feeling of cold feet and hands? For some, this feeling is almost constant, especially with age, but doctors may not even consider such ‘normal’ complaints.

A remarkable study of athletes showed an increase in endurance, strength and efficiency of energy transfer. Cordyceps became widely known internationally as a substance the Chinese women's track and field team used in achieving records in 1993 and 1994.