Quote Great buying experience and great products.Quote
Quote I had a good experience shopping with Brioclinc.com and plan to buy again from them in the future.Quote
QuoteGot my order on time and product works as advertised.Quote
John Doe
Quote  I am using Cordysen since Mar 20,2012 three capsules a day in the morning. My total cholesterol improved from 234 to 168, my blood pressure is almost perfect, my blood glucose level is in the 90. I am a happy and healthy man (I will be 60 yrs old in Jan 2013). I now don't have to use any more drugs and say goodbye to my doctor. I also eat healthy food and exercise three time a week per your advises. May god bless you and your company and wishing you and your company prosperous and successful business. Quote
Thomas Tran
Quote I'm appreciated your product that I take everyday. I have a lung cancer since Xmas last year that I find this is a magic one that I will my life. Cordysen has given me a lot strengh to combat with my Chermotherapy.Everyday I has so much energy that I never feel I has cancer. It controls so well my dicbetic.Thanks. I can swim easy 2 km per week and walk a few miles 3 days a week. And again thanks for your Mighty Product to save people lives.Quote
Bun Heang Ung (http://politiktoons.blogspot.co.nz/)
Quote I have been taking cordysen for about 5 months, and I would say that it has helped my immune system a lot. I have a tendency to get bad chest colds that can turn to pneumonia, and I have managed to get antibiotics before it gets to that stage. Without cordysen I would have been knocked down with a chest cold much easier. I have noticed a slight increase in my energy level, but the main benefit to me is helping my immune system.Quote
David Miles, Wellington
Quote I have been taking Cordysen for the past 2-3 months and as a consequence in general feel so much better all round health wise. Whilst taking into consideration that this is during the winter months i can't wait for the results when we feel the summer sun again. Quote
Tony & Diane James
Quote I am your classic NZ health basket case. I suffer from atrial fibrillation, have high blood pressure, and am Type 2 diabetic. From all this I was suffering increasing ED. I have just finished my first 90 days on Cordysen and the results are excellent. My BP and glucose readings are way down, I have way more energy and I have no ED problems whatsoever. I have just re-ordered, including some for my wife and daughter. Happy to say so. Quote
Ray Ginnever
Quote I have been suffering from insomnia for quite some time. After taking cordysen for 2 months I feel charged up during day and sleep well at night. Quote
Diane Chapman
Quote My blood pressure was high – about 160 over 100. I’ve been taking cordysen for a few months and my blood pressure dropped down to 130 over 80. It really works! Quote
Daniel Hill
Quote I’ve been in a good health my entire life. However recently I had felt a decline in my energy level. I was recommended cordysen by my nutritionist. After taking this supplement for 2 months I do not feel any unexplained and prolonged fatigue. Quote
Julie Powell
Quote I started taking Cordysen a few weeks ago and the result has been amazing. I feel great, both emotionally and physically. I feel lots of energy and sleep better at night. Quote
Kate Wood
QuoteI usually get tired very fast and take a nap for an hour or two every day. However, after I started taking Cordysen I do not need that daytime nap anymore. I feel that Cordysen gives me an energy lift and keeps me going all day long. Quote
Anne Foster
QuoteAt some stage of my life I noticed that I was getting lesser morning erection and sexual desire. I’ve read about Cordyceps and found it very effective. Cordyceps really strengthens my confidence and improves quality of life. Quote
Paul Smith
Quote I’ve been suffering from severe migraines ever since I can remember. I’ve been taking Cordysen and I didn’t have a migraine for a few months now! Who knows what migraine is will understand it means. Thank you for developing this fabulous product! Quote
Ember Collins
Quote I am a 32 years of age man, who has a 40+hrs a week job, three times a week judo trainings, plus I have a family. This life style requires a lot of energy, which I could not get from my high protein diet. I was recommended to try Cordysen and find that two capsules a day give the energy I always needed! Quote
Brian Thomas
Quote I have a very bus job and it is very important for me to stay focused all day long. Cordysen keeps my energy levels high and allows me to be productive and achieve better results! Quote
John Taylor
Quote I used to get flue shoots every year and I do not anymore. With Cordysen I don’t get sick easily! Quote
Jane Kelly
Quote I am in my 60s and have been suffering from chronic rheumatism for the last few years. I’ve been taking Cordysen for a couple of months and feel like I never had rheumatism before. Thank you! Quote
Rebecca Williams
Quote I was suffering from dysbacteriosis for years and nothing really helped. After taking Cordysen for 1 week I noticed that my digestive system works well. It feels so good to be healthy again! Quote
Kathy Decker, Hamilton
QuoteI was born with asthma. I have tried different treatment but the attacks still occurred once or twice a month. I’ve been taking Cordysen for 3 months now and did not have any asthmatic attacks! It is really effective! Quote
Paul S. Hines, USA
Quote I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. The medicine, I was prescribed with, was able to maintain my blood sugar level at 10mmol/L. After taking Cordysen for 2 months, my blood sugar dropped to 7mmol/L, and my cholesterol level dropped from 162mg/dl to 115mg/dl. Which I find amazing!!! Quote
Joel Morgan, Auckland
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