Quality Control Procedures

BrioClinic products contain only nutrients of the highest quality. During the manufacturing process we use standardisation, which allows us to isolate the portion of a supplement that contains the active ingredients, which have the actual clinical benefit.

We recommend that you consult your doctor or physician before purchasing any health products.

Quality in Every Aspect

In the nutrition business quality must be a high priority; thus, when it comes to the health and safety of our customers, second best is never good enough. Throughout every step of the process, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality standards.

Quality Control

The quality of any type of service or product starts with a company’s commitment to providing quality through exceptional standards. BrioClinic is committed to providing excellence and this commitment is firmly grounded in scientific research and methodology.

BrioClinic has a technical management team with 15 years of combined experience in the health industry. With this level of experience overseeing all aspects of product development and processing, you can rest assured we know what quality means. Our team consists of highly qualified technicians and scientists working together to develop and improve new analytical methods using the highest level of accuracy and precision to ensure that products offered by BrioClinic remain industry leaders in today’s market.

The high quality of BrioClinic rests in its standard of adhering to exceptional manufacturing processes. BrioClinic also strives to ensure that all of their manufacturing facilities are certified both GMP and organic.

Our manufacturing facilities test raw materials for various contaminants, heavy metals, fillers and pesticides. Our philosophy of quality remains steadfast: always start with raw materials that are the purest and freshest available. This ensures that the end product is of the highest quality possible. We provide products that are not only natural and organic, but potent, safe and true to their beneficial claims.

We at BrioClinic are convinced that obtaining good health through the use of natural products is one of the best methods available, and it is a philosophy by which we live. Our personal commitment and adherence to a healthy and natural lifestyle is what drives our ongoing commitment of producing the highest quality products to meet our customers’ nutritional needs.

Production Efficiency

Another important step in ensuring the delivery of a quality product is the use of efficient production methods. This means that we at BrioClinic never cut corners; we use only clean manufacturing operating centres that are run in an efficient and productive manner.

Additionally, we are always looking for ways to improve and develop more effective and efficient methods of operation. In fact, this is at the core of our competencies and we are extremely proud of our company’s production methods.

However, we do not stop at just ensuring top-quality manufacturing. We also strive to add quality early in the process so that we never have to deal with problems later on down the line. This means that we take special measures to ensure that all raw products that we use are of the purest quality possible. Unfortunately, some of our competition skips this essential component. We hope that you have gleaned a small glimpse into our efforts to produce a product that stands out from its competition. It is important to note that our products might not be the least expensive, but we fully believe our commitment to excellence has created the best product.

Management of Inventory

Inventory management is an important part of ensuring that our customers always get the freshest and best product possible. At BrioClinic, our inventory has a high turnaround rate; however, by comparison, some of our biggest competitors have a turnaround rate of only a few times per year. Consequently, customers of BrioClinic receive products that are fresher and more potent consistently throughout the year.


One of the measures we take to ensure that your supplements arrive safe and intact are to use PET shatterproof bottles; this packaging results in a consistent quality product that remains uncompromised. We at BrioClinic also utilize recycled materials in the production of our packaging materials as a testament to our continued commitment to conservation. This is an important effort that helps by supporting community efforts across the country.

BrioClinic products come with secured seals that are tamper evident in order to ensure that any product you get from us has not been previously opened or tampered with. One of the primary driving forces of BrioClinic is to ensure your peace of mind and safety in every aspect of our product.

Quality Control Testing

You can rest easy knowing that all products manufactured by BrioClinic have been carefully formulated using strict attention to every detail in the process, including thorough scientific research and testing. This is just one way that we help bridge the gap between human wellness, safety and quality.

Independent Testing

Anyone can make a claim of quality, but third party analyses substantiating those claims of quality speak for themselves. While many of our competitors dedicate a good portion of their resources to managing their advertising campaigns, our focus remains on improving the overall quality of the products we offer. So, what is the result of these efforts? That is an easy question to answer: the result is innovative nutritional supplements of superior quality.

Labelling of Products

We ensure the quality and accuracy of our labels by taking several measures. When developing a label, it is crucial that it is accurate and truthful. At BrioClinic, all of our labels are created with a strict adherence to the 1985 Dietary Supplement Regulation Act. It is essential that labels meet these guidelines to ensure that they are in compliance with standards set for labelling.

Nutrient values listed on product labels are derived from vendor supplied information, calculation and/or laboratory testing.

Specific cautionary language is also used, when applicable, to ensure that the use of products offered by BrioClinic remains safe. This cautionary language can be used to alert consumers to potential dangers of misuse or contraindications and is generated using supplier safety data sheets and/or published safety information.

We hope this information has given you a glimpse into our efforts to ensure the best nutritional supplements on the market.

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